Friday, January 25, 2013

the happs....

Here is a huge blog update!!! So much has been going on.... We went ice skating with Auntie Tam Tam.  Mia loved it and could have skated for hours. Bud on the other hand did not, every time we came around he was happy until we kept going then the waterworks came! He's so sensitive ;)

 All was made right then Sissy shared her ice cream cone!
 Then we took a little trip to the Aquarium with our friends Clover Fig and Jack.
 These two are such good little buddies!

 Sea Otter (Mia's fav!)
 Classic Ryan and Fig pic!
 Mia's "Octopus face"
And finally, on Sunday we went for a 6 mile family walk in freezing temps!  Mia ran to much that she was limping on Monday!

 Check out little Ryan's sad face! It kills me :)

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