Monday, August 6, 2012

Wenatchee with the Fam!

Last weekend we went to Wenatchee for a little reunion with my Mom's side of the family.  We had a blast loved seeing everyone.  Mia went for her first "ice-cube" (intertube) ride and Ryan went for his first boat ride! Its amazing to watch my kids love their family.  There is nothing better :) Here is GG Auntie Sissy and Mia
 Cousin Sammy in one of the greatest pictures of all time.
 My Mom and her parents
 Mia getting GG's legs wet

 Aunt Teri and Colton who has gotten so big I can hardly stand it!
 Uncle Jimbo and Ryan
 Mia swimming with Grandpa
 Just your classic "hop on Pop"
 Uncle Matt Matt on the jet ski, I know when you see him you don't know whether to run for your life or collect 500.00 when you pass go.......
 My boy on his first boat ride
 Mia with some of her fav's
 Papa and Bud -notice Mia in the background waving at Auntie Sissy on the intertube.
 Her first intertube ride and she was in heaven

 Sissy pants and I on the jet ski
 She had to go with Daddy and Colton too

 Devon, Christina and Grandma
 Mia loved playing soccer with cousin Devon.
 We celebrated Papa's, GG's and Devons birthdays
 Dinner time
 Uncle Mike was so awesome to take us all on the boat!!!!!

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