Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mia's Birth-DAY......

On Tuesday we had family over for Mia's actual birthday! It was so much fun for her to celebrate with family! Here is her princess set-up :)
Just a little pre-Vegas pic for me and Uncle WampyBud Bud and Auntie Sissy-LR loves a party!Oh and I forgot Rapunzel came to the party too...Makenna Brittini and Mia playing bendaroos.Jody came too!and of course Auntie Tam TamGrandma made Mia a princess cake-it was GLAMOROUS!!!!My 3 year old!!!Lil' Ryan is so happy about sissy's partyGrandpa and MiaMia's exciting gift.... A FISH which was named Cadillac then Madagascar and now Kurcheck (the big gorilla from Tarzan) We will see what it will be tomorrow!

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