Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesome weekend!

We had such an awesome weekend. My Grandparents and Aunt Jami and cousin Christina came into town to visit and see Mia's ballet recital.
GG reading to MiaBud Bud getting some love from PapaWe celebrated Aunt Jami's 50th birthday and Mia's 3rd early. Its' always more fun when its a PARTY!!!Who does he love more???? Duh, me-I am the first! Sorry Sissy.......Mia before her recitalI just love watching these two grow up together!The performers!Auntie Sissy and Uncle Chris are such great supporters! GG and Papa! I can't tell you how special it was to have them there.Papa LR and ZipMom and her kids and grandkids-although you can't see Ryan cause Mia is covering him! He'll get her back soon enough ;)

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