Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Up until this point I was happy for fast forward LR's life (mostly due to lack of sleep :) But now I wish I had a pause button! I just can get enough of his HUGE smile and chubby everything. I mean the kid does not have ANY schedule and still keeps me up at night but he is such a little love. Here are my rats in the tub.....
Ryan still has not even seen this picture- but common he makes such a pretty little girl! Lets just be thankful he was not a girl cause he is built like a linebacker.We had some relatively nice weather and went to the park to enjoy it!Bud Bud had his first time in a swing and loved it just like his sissyMia also learned a new trick on her trampoline- a flip!Uncle Matt Matt came to see us too.....Oh in other really big news Mia slept in Auntie Sissy's bed for the first time. She still sleeps in her crib so now she might get a big girl bed for her birthday.

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