Friday, December 16, 2011

Mia's Ballet Recital!

Last Friday night my dreams came true when Mia has her first Ballet recital! You all know my sister and I we were much better at pushing people around the basketball court than dancing on a stage and I feel like Mia will follow in our footsteps but I have always wanted my little girl to preform in a recital! And that she did, Mia and her class of 2-3 year olds did a fantastic job. Mia even came to the end of the stage half way through and was looking for Grandma and Grandpa and when she found them she went right back to her spot to finish her dance!
Here is my Mom letting her Tutu out cause it was too tight :)

Mia's friends Clover Tallie and Taylor

Her fan club......
Auntie Sissy and Chris
Dada and his girl

The Nenna's and Mia

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