Sunday, October 2, 2011

We were so lucky last weekend to have our second family come and visit! Ellie is just growing and changing so much it was awesome to finally see her in person. She is so much fun and has so much personality. It was also amazing to see my best friend (although we decided when we are done being pregnant and nursing we are going on a girls trip so we can have longer than a 2 minute conversation :) We took Emily Lori and Ellie to fall city farm and had a blast, the weather was great and the little girls loved the animals.

Here is my mom with the jack ass.......and little Ryan too.
We got to dig potatoes from the ground here is Mia helping my Mom carry the bucket

Sweet girls-although Ellie might want Mia to stop squeezing her ;)

Hay ride! (see Em, the girls will never know we didn't let them ride we just took their picture on it so it looks like we are Mom's of the year!!!!)

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