Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Today Mia was with Daddy and then met me for a little surprise date! Then she was off to Grandma's house for cookie decorating. She fills us and our family with so much love I can't wait till this new little shrimp (that is the size of the baby this week) rocks our world.
I hope that everyone has a great day! I have to say I used to HATE Valentines day cause I was ALWAYS single and there is nothing worse then having a day dedicated to shoving the fact that you are ALONE in your face. I on the other hand love an excuse to celebrate anything. So, I focused my negative energy into all of the kids that I have looked after making Valentines tolerable for me. That was until 2005 when a certain someone left a card (with the most amazing words) teddy bear and flowers on my bed. I was so happy and called everyone I knew telling them my luck had changed, little did I know I would be that lucky for the next 6 years and I have a feeling that luck will keep coming! The G-rents are with Mia tonight and my hubby is taking me out. Have a great day people :)

Last week the bean was the size of a lime so here is Beez kissing her new sibling!
Decorating cookies with Grandma and Grandpa!

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