Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seattle Christmas Day.......

Today we had a very special day with our friends enjoying downtown Seattle and all the fun Christmas activities. First we went to the Seattle Sheraton to look at the AMAZING gingerbread houses.

Then we stopped by Macy's to write letters to Santa. And we put them in the special mail box that goes directly to Santa!!!!!

This was Makenna's Letter (in case you don't know she WILL be the next Mother Theresa) She didn't even ask for anything, she is the sweetest kid I really feel lucky to have spent so much time with her (and Alexa of course too) over the last 5 1/2 years.

Here is Alexa's letter I love her manners in this letter, I had absolutely NO input whatsoever. What a sweet girl :)

Here is Mia mailing her letter!

Then we rode the carousel at westlake center!

Then while Mia slept the Alexa Makenna Rylee Baby Emy and I decorated Gingerbread houses for the 6th time together. What a fun and special memory :)

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