Monday, March 29, 2010

Teeth and the Easter Bunny....

Mia FINALLY got her first tooth (yes at 11 months) actually she got her two bottom teeth at once. So, here she is brushing getting ready for her first visit to Uncle (Dr.) Tsuchikawa :)

Grace came over for a play-date this weekend and the girls had a great time playing. What happened to Gracie I used to take care of her when she was Mia's age :(
I tried chalk with Mia but she would still rather eat everything she gets her hands on.
Then on Sunday we headed to Bellevue to meet the Easter bunny. She was so excited at first waving, saying HI, smiling and everything. So, I thought it would be a repeat of her Santa pics. But when I put her on his knee the ladies that worked there started going crazy trying to make her smile then proceeded to rip Mia's hand out of her mouth which scared her and resulted in the pic below!!!!!

But Auntie Reeser tried to make it all better and let Mia eat her sucker! Bad Auntie Reeser but happy Mia.

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