Monday, November 16, 2009

Mia Update.....

We are headed to Reno to visit Ryan's Dad, Bonus Mom and Sister on Wednesday so I thought I would share a few pics before we leave. Mia is a very busy girl these days. She is always wanting to be active. She loves getting out and seeing people and she is especially loving all of the lovely Christmas decorations that are in ALL the stores (YIPPEE)
Here is Mia playing hide and seek with her Daddy! She is such a little peeper :)
She tries to drink out of a big girl cup but water just ends up all over her.
Again here she is hiding.....
And here she is with her new stocking and her letter to Santa-which she ripped and so I warned her that that is NOT the way to get on Santa's good list. Santa and his elves are watching you know!!!!

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