Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Update

Ryan's birthday was last weekend and we got a date night to Daniels and then met up with friends for drinks. It was so much fun and so nice that we can leave Mia with my parents with out a single worry. We are so lucky.

Mia got a Johnny Jump Up and she loves it! She figured it out right away (Thanks Emy and Rylee)
Bradyn is getting to be so big! I think that Mia was flirting with him :)
Not sure if I have reported but Mia is sleeping in her crib (for the last month or so) she does great and we are so lucky that she is such a great sleeper.
We had people over for the first Seahawks game to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Mia loves when friends come over. And Ryan loves the Seahawks and I love to entertain so its pretty much a WIN-WIN!

Here is Mia with Tay Tay they are such great buddies (pretty sure Mia has figured that out but I think Taylor is still sizing Mia up!)

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