Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls Trip to Spokane

We went to Spokane for a little vacation and to see our relatives. It was a hugging fest and Mia sure got her love tank all filled up. It was so special for me to be able to take Mia to my Grandma and Papa's house I have so many special memories there. We stayed for three nights but I could stay there forever.
Auntie Reese and Grandma all ready to go with Mia.
Swimming in Grandma Billie and Papa's pool.

Mia's Grandma's
Mia wearing a dress Grandma Shape made for me and she is also holding REAL deer moccasins that she made for me too!
Aunt Fuller.....I mean Aunt Jami loving on Mia
Cousin Tana
Mia just loved her Papa (like her Mama)
Mia with the cat she thought he was so funny!
Cousin Sammy Jackie and Uncle Jimbo

Grandma Billie loving on Mia what a lucky girl!
Mia working at her Papa's latte stand :)
Mia's Great Grandma Jeanne (my Dad's mom) Mia put on a real good show she was all smiles,

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