Friday, May 8, 2009


On Adams home town visit Lori (My best friend Emily's mom) got to see Adam at his radio show interview! He was so happy to see her-he kissed her :)! Lori gave him the picture of Mia watching Adam and a letters that Emily my Mom and I wrote! Hopefully we can see him at the concert when he comes to Seattle! What fun this is! I pretty much feel famous too................Autographs anyone??????

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Bev said...

Mia is absolutely beautiful, and that hair is so cute! Right now I am at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. We are headed for Bremen, and then later in the week, we will travel on to the Black Forest, Innsbruck, Austria, and Zurich, Switzerland. This is my first trip to Europe, so I am very excited.
How exciting for Lori to see Adam. I hope you all get to see him in Seattle.

Love, Bev