Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mia!


Brieanne said...

Congrats you guys!! She's beautiful :) :) :)

Paige said...

She's so beautiful! Thank you, Jen for putting this site together! Papa Doug and I will visit often. I get goose-bumps looking at Mia. She looks just like Paige!
He's going to love seeing all the pictures. He got so choked up at the ones you sent, so this is such a treat!

Love you guys,
Nanna and Papa

Jami said...

Mia, you are a gift to all of us! This site is amazing. You are beautiful! Your "Grandant" Jami also had a full head of dark hair so we already have much in common. When I watch this I tear up because I know how long your mom and dad have dreamed of a child of their own. They both love children and tend to spend most of their time with your dad's little brother and sister, the sweet children your mom helps to raise or with their loving friend's children. Your Grandpa Brian and Grandma Tami were made to be grandparents. Your dad's family won't be able to stay away either. Love just radiates out of this site and the slide show is so touching. I am coming over next week to visit with all of you and get my hands on you. I am so proud of your mom and dad and the way they welcomed you into this world surrounded by many who love them and you. It was a big job to get you here and they were rock stars!! Grandma Tambo gets the title of "ENCOURAGER", something she has done for me my whole life and will do for you. Anyone lucky enough to be her friend or family has a lifetime encourager. LUCKY US!!! We thank God for you and the way you have already touched our lives. I love you, your grandaunt Jami!

Jami said...

Congrats Jami and Ryan!! What a precious little gift and beauty!! Have so much fun and I can't wait to see you and the little cutie! I hope she has a laugh like mine!!xoxo Tana